We are offer you the follow jobs! At the moment we are looking for:


Dominant girls privat and professionell ladies. Female actors they would play with us in our movies. Also couples (she dom/he sub) are welcome to shot with us! TS too!

For the details and conditions please write us with the contact form


At the moment we are looking for the follow male actors in films:

Old slave

You are over 60, 70 or older? And you want play as a sub in our videos? You can contact us

Fat slave

You have more then over 120kg with a normal high? And you want play as a sub in our videos?

You can contact us

Small slave

You are under 160cm? And you want play as a sub in our videos?

You can contact us

Ballbusting slave

You like ballkicking and ballbusting? You are a pain erotiker? You like if girls kick you in nuts? If you can tolerate a lot you can contact us!


Cuckold slave


We also looking for a cuckold slave as substitute for joschi. If you want regularly make the cuckold at our shootings you can contact us.

Please write us only if you are in one of this categories. At the moment we can not use other kind of slaves and male actors. Otherwise you can find our conditions under "desired videos"!


You are looking for a lucrativ part-time-job? You are a internet freak, a sales benefited, a expert in erotic marketing, a expert in erotic-internet-scenes? Or you have a little time today or per week to earn a lot of money? Maybe you are right here.

We offer you a good and easy part-time-earning as a advertise broker for our sites! You find the details and conditions under the link " Earn money". Contact us!


You have a special location where we can film our movies? Dungeon, farm, lake or pool, hospitalroom, plane, mountain hut, train, office, castle, elevator, a store, etc. we are open for all.

You can contact us - we find a good solution! Please do not write and offer us normal locations- apartments, house, lofts etc.


We are raffle off everytime good prices for special film stories. You can send us your script, your ideas for movies. The best and if we will do it we are giving away! You can win a membership, videos on dvd, sessions, custom videos and more.

Send us your material with the contact form!